Wli Water Heights Hotel is located near some of Ghana's finest tourist destinations - namely, Wli Waterfall, Afadzato Mountain, Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary,
Likpe Todome Caves among others.
Bike rides or transportation (on request) are arranged by Water Heights Hotel for guests visiting the following destinations.

Wli Waterfall (Click to enlarge)


Wli Waterfall
The Wli Waterfall is located in the Agumatsa Wildlife sanctuary, which is also home for hundreds of fruit bats, birds and some monkeys.
It is a recreational place for all who want to derive relaxation from nature. The Wli falls is a perennial flowing water from a height of about 400 metres. It is the highest waterfall in West Africa: and takes only about 45 minutes leisure walk (level road) from Water Heights Hotel to the Lower-Fall. The Upper-Fall - which requires climbing - takes another 30minutes to reach.
It will interest curious visitors to know that apart from the main (popular) Wli Waterfall, there is another falls upstream Agumatsa river, up the mountains – we refer to as the Upper-fall for more adventurous sightseers. The Upper-fall, takes about an hour’s walk from the main falls, and offers another wonder of nature. It is advisable for first time visitors to first visit the main Waterfall. Unlike the main Lower-fall, a 30-minute mountain climbing is required to reach the Upper-fall.
THE LOOP: A roundtrip hike along the Agumatsa mountain ridge and forest to get to the Upper and Lower Falls. This route (which is innovated by Water Heights) allows visitors to view both falls (Upper and Lower) at a go. It requires 6 hours of hiking, sightseeing as well as taking dips in the two waterfalls. On clear days, visitors are able to view the Volta lake and also villages across the Togo border. This hike requires carrying snacks and water. Packed snacks are provided on request from the hotel.

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Mount Afadzato (Click to enlarge)  
Afadzato Mountain
Afadzato is the highest mountain in Ghana. Its summit stands at 2,905 feet. A visit to mount Afadzato will take about 15 minutes drive from Wli Water Heights. Afadjato is located between Liate Wote and Gbledi communities and can be climbed/reached from either towns. Climbing of mountain Afadzato to its highest peak takes about 40 minutes. An added attraction at the foot of the mountain are varied and rare species of butterflies that can be discovered. At the peak, one can have a bird’s eye view of the Volta Lake.
Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary (Click to enlarge)  
Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary
Tafi Atome, is a beautiful and quiet village surrounded by thick forest with luxuriant vegetation where sacred and rare species of Mona Monkeys dwell. A trip into the forest with a guide gives visitors the opportunity to see these real endangered species in their natural habitat. The villagers live virtually with these “sacred” neighbours – Mona Monkeys. Tafi-Atome is 40 minutes drive from Wli Water Heights going south along Accra road.
  Likpe Todome Caves (Click  to  enlarge)  
Likpe Todome Caves
Four ancient caves and 2 vertical tunnels are located in Likpe Todome, just about 10 minutes drive from Wli Water Heights. The caves, some with narrow entrances, scrap face and steep slopes are perfect for anyone who wants to engage in some form of mountaineering sports.
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